Reduce Tax Debts With An IRS Offer in Compromise

IRS Offer in Compromise

Work with IRS Offer In Compromise Attorneys

Has your outstanding tax debt escalated beyond your financial ability to pay? Are you overwhelmed with threatening IRS notices? You need the immediate help of an experienced offer in compromise attorney/federally-enrolled agent. Our IRS offer in compromise professionals at National Tax Debt (NTD) can help you obtain a fair and affordable resolution, such as an Offer In Compromise, to clear your outstanding tax debt.

How to Qualify for an IRS Offer In Compromise

An OIC agreement will not be accepted by the IRS when it believes the full amount can be collected in a lump sum or payment method. It is imperative to have NTD Offer in Compromise professionals represent you when negotiating with the IRS. Only knowledgeable OIC attorneys and tax experts with up-to-date information can ensure your best chance to qualify for an IRS Offer in Compromise program.

National Tax Relief Center will work with you to determine if one of these three conditions for acceptance into an OIC can be met:

  • There is proved doubt you could ever repay the full amount owed within the remainder of time allowed.
  • There is a valid reason to doubt the correctness of the tax assessment.
  • Exceptional circumstances exist that full tax collection would create an economic hardship or would be unfair.

IRS Offer In Compromise Negotiations

The focus of National Tax Debt is to achieve a quick resolution of your tax problem that will be fair and equitable to all parties. The IRS is interested in collecting the full amount owed in the least amount of time and will measure your “Reasonable Collection Potential” based on your assets such as:

  • Real Property
  • Automobiles/Recreational Vehicles
  • Bank Accounts/401K’s/IRA’s/Retirement Savings
  • Investment Properties
  • Anticipated Future Income

Let National Tax Debt help you. Our team of offer in compromise professionals are experts in IRS tax negotiation and can protect you from the confusion and aggression taxpayers experience with dealing with the IRS alone.

Advantages of Having National Tax Debt Working For You

High level negotiations between the Tax Relief Office and the IRS are conducted when attempting to gain acceptance of your OIC claim. National Tax Debt offer in compromise professionals will deal with both entities on your behalf using our experience and the knowledge necessary to overcome obstacles, disagreements and achieve the best result for you.

The IRS is a highly efficient organization at collecting every dollar they can. There are proven statistics that show taxpayers who attempt to negotiate with the IRS and file an OIC on their own PAY 30-50% MORE than necessary. Do not allow the IRS to intimidate you into accepting a less-than-satisfactory payoff or installment agreement.

National Tax Debt provides 100% free Offer in Compromise evaluations and consultations to ensure that you are a candidate for this form of tax relief.

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