IRS Revenue Officer Help

IRS Revenue Officer Help

Has an IRS Revenue Officer contacted you? Are you struggling with paying back taxes or facing an audit? You need a tax professional to help you settle your delinquent tax problem. National Tax Debt (NTD) will represent you, dealing directly with the Internal Revenue Service officer to expedite resolution of your back tax debt. Our tax experts are skilled in negotiation with IRS Revenue Officers and state Revenue Agents. It is imperative to get professional tax help now to avoid more serious IRS tax collection action.

What Is an IRS Revenue Officer?

There are thousands of IRS Revenue Officers assigned to various tax issues such as:

  • Delinquent tax returns
  • Financial audits
  • Tax investigations
  • Overdue Tax Debt
State and Federal Revenue Officers

Revenue Officers can be employed at a federal, state or local level and work solely for the benefit of the government.
They are responsible for:

  • Reporting tax issues to the government affecting your tax liability
  • Verifying facts regarding income tax claims seeking refunds
  • Interviewing you to question the accuracy of your tax return
  • Notifying taxpayers and business owners of underpayment of taxes

Attempting to face a state revenue officer or an IRS Revenue Officer alone can put you at financial risk. You may incur increased penalties and fines, suffer undue harassment, and miss your settlement options. Our tax professionals at NTD can help you qualify for a fair and affordable resolution of your back tax liability.

The Risk Of Owing Back Taxes

IRS tax collection action begins when an IRS Revenue Officer sends an IRS notice or report to you. If no resolution to pay your back tax debt is achieved, your tax liability is placed into the IRS tax collection process. You may become subject to:

  • Wage garnishments
  • Tax liens
  • Bank levies
  • Seizure of assets
  • Bankruptcy

You Need an Experienced Professional Tax Team Behind You

If you owe back taxes, ignoring the situation is never the answer. You need the help of an experienced tax professional now to avoid serious financial consequences. National Tax Debt can help you stop the aggressive and intimidating tactics practiced by IRS Revenue Officers. Our team of tax professionals are up to date with current IRS tax laws and codes and can help you settle your tax problems before they escalate. Let NTD take control of your tax debt and help you regain financial freedom.

IRS Revenue Officer

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