Innocent Spouse Relief

IRS Back Tax Debt – Innocent Spouse Relief

Pressured with back tax debt because your spouse (or former spouse) has failed to meet his or her obligations? Are you forced to exist beneath basic living standards trying to pay the full amount of tax liabilities on your own? You need the support of an IRS innocent spouse relief professional now! National Tax Debt (NTD) tax professionals will help you with innocent spouse tax negotiation, litigation, settlement, and resolution, and present your case to the IRS for innocent spouse tax relief.Our NTD team of innocent spouse tax relief professionals are experts in helping you prove the existence of necessary requirements that will qualify your claim for relief, such as:

  • You filed a joint return.
  • The IRS determined your total tax should be more than the amount shown on your return.
  • Gross income received by your spouse has not been reported.
  • Improper deductions were claimed by your spouse.
  • You can prove, when you signed the joint return, you were unaware of any erroneous reporting.


Types of Spouse Tax Relief Available

Three types of tax relief are available to married people filing jointly:

  • Innocent Spouse Relief – relief from responsibility of paying tax, interest, and penalties for erroneous entries or omissions made by your spouse (or former spouse).
  • Separation of Liability Relief – relief from unpaid tax liabilities resulting from understated tax; request for fair allocation of responsibility.
  • Equitable Relief – relief from an understated tax or unpaid tax if you do not qualify for other plans.

For married people who did not file joint returns and live in community property states:

  • Relief from Liability Arising from Community Property Law – extensive conditions exist dependent upon each state’s Community Property Law.
Why Choose Our IRS Innocent Spouse Relief Tax Professionals?

You need someone with current tax knowledge on your side. National Tax Debt will represent you, dealing directly with the IRS on your behalf to protect you from confusion, intimidation, and distress:

  • We are experts in innocent spouse tax negotiation, litigation, settlement, and resolution.
  • NTD will take control of your tax problem and expedite it to resolution.
  • NTD will be your advocate. (The IRS is required by law to contact your spouse or former spouse, even when there has been evidence of spousal abuse.)
  • NTD will negotiate a fair, affordable settlement for you even though the IRS has the legal right to pursue full payment from you only.

NTD tax professionals are experienced in all back tax plans available if an alternate route is required.

Need help for other tax debt problems? As a full service tax firm, National Tax Debt lends its expertise in helping individuals out of IRS bank levies, tax liens, wage garnishments, and even payroll tax problems for business owners. Regardless of your situation, our team of tax professionals will assist you in determining the most effective way to resolve your tax debt issue and prevent it from escalating into greater financial burden.

For IRS innocent spouse relief, call our friendly and knowledgeable tax relief agents at (800) 206-0951.

Know Your Rights

National Tax Relief Center will contact the IRS on your behalf to discuss your options in person. Using our tax law knowledge and experience with the IRS, NTD can delay the IRS wage garnishment proceedings. You will be protected from excessive amounts being drawn from your paycheck, and spared the embarrassment of having your employer gain knowledge of your tax predicament.

If necessary, we will file an appeal if any of the following has occurred:

  • You have paid your overdue taxes prior to the garnishment taking effect
  • You are filing for bankruptcy during the assessment and notice period
  • An IRS error has occurred
  • The Statute of Limitations has expired
  • You did not have the chance to dispute supposed liability
  • You request a chance to discuss options relating to collection action
  • You want to defend your spouse

Once your appeals hearing is concluded, we will be notified of the status within 30 days. We will fully explain your rights helping you understand your options.

IRS Wage Garnishment

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