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About National Tax Debt

National Tax Debt is an award-winning, full service tax relief firm who focuses on settling IRS debt for thousands of clients across the U.S. We offer fast response protection and a commitment to gaining major tax reductions. Whether you are new to tax problems or have hired someone in the past to resolve your tax debt, we have a track record of consistently getting tax settlements accepted by the IRS.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is currently accepting settlements of back taxes owed for qualified persons. The IRS is allowing the people with delinquent tax liabilities a ONE-TIME opportunity to settle their debt for good. Also note, the IRS does not advertise, promote or even voluntarily suggest this program. Even when people do know about this available tax help, they do not take the proper steps in filing the paperwork or do not follow up properly. The result is a rejection by the IRS which can sometimes result in paying much more than they should. Even though many of U.S. taxpayers may be eligible for an Offer in Compromise settlement, only a small percentage have been able to take advantage of this program allowed by federal law. It is extremely important to work with the right company to guide you properly through each step of the process.

At National Tax Debt we make sure that your IRS tax debt is resolved. We want to know what is your current tax debt situation (IRS debt, State debt, payroll tax, garnishment, levy, audit and unreasonable payment plans) so that we can better determine together what is the best strategy for you (OIC, Penalty Abatement, restructured payment plan, lien subordination, release of bank levy/garnishment, audit representation, unfiled returns). Our dedicated, compassionate and resourceful staff will help you create a fresh new start.

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