IRS Bank Levy

IRS Tax Levy Due to Unpaid Taxes

IRS Tax Levy Attorneys

If you are in the unfortunate position of owing back tax money to the IRS, you are subject to any number of aggressive collection actions. You could be the victim of an IRS tax levy (also referred to as a bank levy). If you are facing a potential IRS tax levy, or have already had a bank levy placed against you, you need the help of National Tax Debt (NTD) to resolve your back tax liability. Our IRS tax levy professionals are experts in IRS tax levy negotiation and litigation. We can provide an IRS tax levy resolution or bank levy release.

What Is an IRS Tax Levy?

When you do not pay your tax obligations, the IRS can legally pursue severe financial action to secure repayment. An IRS tax levy is far more serious than a federal tax lien. A lien is a claim against assets, while a federal tax levy allows the IRS to seize your money and assets, and take your property and sell it. You need help now from a qualified IRS tax levy attorney to avoid more serious consequences. Our experienced tax professionals at NTD can resolve your tax problems before you lose everything you own.

IRS Bank Levy Attorneys

It is a difficult and complex process to get an IRS bank levy reversed. A taxpayer who attempts to face the IRS alone is more likely to fail. It is imperative you have sound legal representation with our expert bank levy professionals. National Tax Debt has the expertise and experience to successfully negotiate with the IRS. We can help you protest your IRS bank levy and protect your financial future.

IRS Bank Levy Process

Three requirements must be met before the IRS can file a tax levy:

  • A tax assessment was done and a “Notice and Demand for Payment” mailed
  • You have ignored notices and refused to pay back taxes
  • A “Final Notice of Intent to Levy” and a “Notice of Your Right to a Hearing” were mailed

An IRS Tax Levy Can Ruin Your Life!

Do you need to stop a Federal Tax Levy? When a federal tax levy is filed against you, your bank accounts are seized for delinquent tax debts. A majority of the funds are confiscated by the IRS for your tax liability leaving you with only a small portion. A bank levy leaves you living on next to nothing. You can become financially destitute and unable to support yourself and your family. If you need to stop a federal tax levy, our IRS tax levy professionals can help.

The intimidating tactics practiced by the IRS can cause you to accept a hasty resolution and miss your options for a more favorable payment agreement. You need the tax professionals at National Tax Debt to take control of your tax problems and negotiate a fair and manageable financial solution!

How NTD Can Help

Once the IRS tax levy criteria have been met and IRS action is in process, you may believe all hope is lost with no further options available. Do not panic! Let National Tax Debt help. We will skillfully review all your information and present your case to the IRS.

NTD will represent you in all dealings with the IRS, ensuring your financial rights and peace of mind. Our IRS tax levy and tax professionals are knowledgeable and experienced in tax laws and codes and will obtain the most favorable outcome. We will resolve your tax problems enabling you to regain your financial freedom.

IRS Bank Levy Due to Back Taxes

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