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Owe IRS Back Taxes?

You have delayed filing your federal or state tax returns and are now being deluged with IRS tax notices threatening legal action because you owe back taxes. You need the help of a qualified tax professional. At National Tax Debt (NTD), we will take control of your tax liability and expedite it to resolution! Our back taxes professionals and tax team specialize in IRS back taxes negotiation, settlement and resolutions.

Scared to Open Your Mail or Answer Your Phone?

Do you owe the IRS back taxes? This is no way to live. No matter what your circumstances, there is a solution. To start you on the road back to financial freedom, you must file your past due returns now! Our team of IRS back tax professionals at NTD will do this for you.

Fear of the unknown is the most common reason people avoid the IRS. Ignoring the notices and the phone is never a solution and will only prove to worsen your situation. Once action has begun, the IRS will not yield. If you owe IRS back taxes, you need an expert to help you with your back taxes settlement and negotiation.

It does not matter how far behind you are or if your tax debt seems insurmountable. You need immediate assistance. NTD tax professionals have the knowledge and experience and can help you to:

  • Avoid adverse IRS collection procedures.
  • Stop penalties, fees and interest from compounding.
  • Retain your assets.
  • Prevent criminal prosecution.
  • Provide expert back taxes settlement, resolution and negotiation

Your Next Step

Call us for a free consultation. National Tax Debt tax professionals are experts in:

  • Reviewing the volumes of financial records.
  • Filing your past returns accurately.
  • Working with the IRS to obtain copies of missing important tax-related information.
  • Negotiating with the IRS to resolve your IRS back taxes debt.

Going Forward
  • Accurately filing the proper forms with the required paperwork.
  • Serving as your personal financial adviser, liaison and negotiator with the IRS.
  • Reviewing your information to determine your eligibility for an agreement compatible with your financial ability to pay.
  • Protecting you from IRS harassment and intimidation.

Finding the Best Financial Resolution

Anyone who has ever been subject to paying back taxes knows the fines and penalties are overwhelming. If you owe IRS back taxes, attempting to handle a complicated tax situation by yourself is exposing you to financial risk. The IRS will supply you with information only on a “need-to-know” basis – what they determine you need to know.

Having National Tax Debt behind you ensures a successful financial recovery.

IRS Back Taxes

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