IRS Tax Debt Problems

Resolve IRS Tax Debt Problems with the Help of our Tax Professionals

Whether you’re a business owner or an individual employee, paying your taxes accurately and on time is your legal obligation to both the State and Federal governments. However, due to various reasons, many individuals fail to properly file their taxes. This can lead to serious tax debt problems and other legal consequences with the US Internal Revenue Service, such as fines, bank levies, and wage garnishments.

There are many ways for taxpayers to incur tax debt, such as back taxes, delinquent or unfiled tax returns, payroll tax problems and withholding tax issues, unreported and under-reported income or profit, and many others. Fortunately, there are ways to resolve tax debt issues, particularly if the taxpayer is willing to work with the IRS to come up with an acceptable resolution, and if he meets the all the qualifications for tax debt relief.

Currently, the IRS is providing qualified individuals an opportunity to settle their IRS tax debt liabilities for good. However, the complexity of taxation laws and the amount of paperwork that needs to be completed may be frustrating for most people. Errors in filing, incomplete paperwork, and many other factors can lead to a rejection of an IRS tax debt settlement proposal.

This is where we at the National Tax Debt can help.

As a full service tax firm composed of IRS enrolled agents, certified public accountants, and tax attorneys, National Tax Debt can provide tax relief help and resolve your IRS tax debt problems by improving your chances of having a favorable outcome when dealing with the IRS. We provide fast and professional service, and are committed to helping clients resolve tax issues in the quickest way possible.

Our full range tax debt resolution services cover:

  • Business Payroll Taxes
  • IRS Bank Levy
  • IRS Notice Assistance
  • IRS Tax Audit
  • IRS Tax Levy
  • IRS Tax Lien
  • IRS Tax Penalties
  • Unfiled IRS Tax Returns
  • Unpaid IRS Taxes
  • Wage Garnishments

Whether it is your first time dealing with an IRS tax issue, or you have worked with other tax professionals before, you can rest assured that National Tax Debt can help. Our tax experts will work with you to determine your current situation and offer tax debt solutions that best fit your financial capabilities and help you permanently get rid of your tax debt problems.

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