IRS Levy Notice

Receiving Mail from the IRS

If you have mounting tax debt and haven’t paid your taxes in some time, you may receive an IRS Levy Notice. An IRS Levy permits the government to legally seize your property or garnish your wages to satisfy your tax debt. It is a major inconvenience. The IRS may freeze your bank accounts, sell your vehicle, and any properties or real estate you may have under your name. If you have received an IRS Levy Notice regarding unpaid taxes you need to act immediately and contact a tax professional from National Tax Debt today.

The tax professionals at National Tax Debt are here to assist you in the event you receive an IRS levy notice stating you have unpaid taxes. Every year the government sends out millions of IRS notices across America for a wide variety of reasons. You should not disregard an IRS levy notice. It is better to address the issue right away and with the help of a professional tax specialist from NTD.

IRS Levy NoticeIf you have received an IRS Levy Notice :

  • Don’t Panic – Whether your IRS levy notice is due to unpaid taxes, an unpaid tax return on their behalf or owing back taxes, it is important not to panic. National Tax Debt is here to help you every step of the way.
  • Read Carefully – Every IRS notice or notice comes with a specific set of instructions that you should follow accordingly. If you feel overwhelmed or don’t understand the information it is advised you contact a tax professional for further assistance.
  • Beware of Tax Scams – Be hyper alert of tax scams. The IRS will only contact you through the US Mail, NOT email, social media or text messages. A legitimate IRS notice will not ask for payment via credit or debit card. If you feel you have fallen victim to a tax scam or IRS fraud it is important that you contact National Tax Debt immediately and contact the IRS directly to report the issue.
  • Keep Organized Records – In the event you have received an IRS letter or notice it is important that you save copies of your official letter for your records.

What to do if you Receive an IRS Levy notice in the mail.

What if your IRS levy notice says you owe back taxes? Don’t panic, there are solutions and National Tax Debt and our tax professionals are experts at resolving mounting tax debt. We work hand-in-hand with the IRS to come up with a payment plan that works for your life and budget. Be ignoring it, it won’t just go away. If you have received an IRS levy notice in the mail please contact NTD right away. The IRS has a number of fresh start programs that are there to help you alleviate the stress of owing back taxes. National Tax Debt knows how to negotiate on your behalf to make sure you are getting the best deal possible.

Finding out you owe back taxes to the IRS can be stressful. You need a competent IRS payment plan professional to help you when you do not understand what to do or where to turn. National Tax Debt Relief (NTD) has financial professionals that are experienced in discussions with the IRS. Our NTD tax team has the expertise and the knowledge to enable you to qualify for an IRS payment plan.

NTD can help you understand your IRS levy notice

Creating an IRS payment plan with an experienced tax professional can help you achieve tax debt relief and save you from mounting tax debt.National Tax Debt is a widely respected full service tax firm that is devoted to supplying our clients with expert IRS payment plan assistance in order to find the best remedies to alleviate tax debt, and minimize the legal effects of delinquent tax liabilities.

For millions of Americans, IRS tax debt is a significant issue. Seeking the help of skilled tax attorneys and tax professionals from NTD is your best bet at finding tax debt relief. You are not alone and we are here to help.

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What Is an IRS Payment Plan?

Should you be incapable of paying back your tax debt in full, there are options for which you may qualify such as a state or federal installment agreement. An IRS payment plan is a binding contract between the IRS and taxpayer. There are various kinds of IRS payment plan choices available based on a citizen’s fiscal qualifications. The typical taxpayer has little idea of how to negotiate a reasonable and affordable IRS payment plan. You may be forced into accepting a payment arrangement that is unsuitable for your financial situation. You want a knowledgeable tax professional on your side. National Tax Debt has highly skilled IRS negotiators that can successfully find tax debt relief options that suit your specific set of circumstances.

IRS Notice Here at National Tax Debt, we can help you:

  • IRS Tax Debt Relief
  • Remove IRS tax liens
  • Understand IRS Levy Notices
  • Appeal for the removal of IRS wage garnishments and liens
  • Resolve personal and business tax problems
  • Reduce IRS tax debt
  • Negotiate a payment plan with the IRS that fits your finances
  • Remove IRS and/or State Wage Garnishments/Levies
  • Prepare for IRS audits

Get Tax Debt Relief Today With NTD!

Requesting an IRS Installment Agreement or IRS Payment Plan

Before pursuing a state or federal IRS payment plan, NTD will carefully review all your financial records and tax returns. We will verify your IRS debt and work with you to determine how much you can afford to pay while still allowing you to live comfortably. You will receive instruction regarding allowable deductions for living expenses and necessities, and how to retain your assets in the process. Our tax team will work hard to obtain a fair and affordable plan for you.

Our tax professionals at NTD are skilled IRS negotiators. They are experienced and knowledgeable of current tax laws and codes that determine IRS debt collection practices. Because NTD tax specialists understand how the IRS assesses and determines installment agreements, we can give you your best chance to qualify for an IRS payment plan.

We will complete Form 433-A for you, ensuring it contains all required information. In addition to this form, we will assist you in filing Form 9465, an Installment Agreement Request. Once these forms are received by the IRS, they will respond within 30 days.

IRS Debt Relief is Possible

Upon receiving the IRS response, your NTD tax professional will sit down with you and discuss your options based on the IRS decision. You may qualify for:

  • A reasonable IRS installment agreement
  • A reduction of your outstanding tax debt
  • A penalty abatement
  • Forgiveness of the entire tax debt due to financial hardship

You need an experienced tax professional to ensure you receive the best financial resolution of your tax debt problems. The NTD tax team is dedicated to restoring your peace of mind and financial freedom.

Financial problems cause a great deal of stress. Owing the IRS is serious business. It affects your family, your job, your credit rating and your future. You need not face the IRS alone. NTD has the expertise to take control of your tax debt and expedite the resolution. The tax aid help we supply covers a broad variety of areas, ranging from Company Payroll Taxes, to Private Company Audits, IRS Tax Levies, and more. We’ve successfully helped clients gain successful and long-lasting alternatives to their tax problems in order to realize tax debt relief.

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National Tax Debt customers paid a mean of 3% of their IRS debt tax debt that was owed. This is a 97% decrease of their total IRS tax debt. We can’t ensure these results with every client because circumstances differ. However, we have an established reputation for getting excellent tax debt relief solutions for our customers. As a customer, you can listen in while our legal professionals are negotiating with the IRS for your advantage.

In 2014, our customers IRS debt totaled $10,510,714, over ten million dollars.


  • Proven Record: We’ve successfully concluded the IRS tax debts of thousands of hardworking citizens.
  • Secure Business: We will be here to serve you later on and have been in operation since 2005.
  • Accredited: We’ve got an AAA Rating with the Business Consumer Alliance and an A Evaluation with the BBB
  • Professionals: Our team comprises tax and legal professionals to manage any scenario efficiently.

The IRS offers highly effective and legal options to help consumers with national tax debts they’re incapable of paying. By selecting National Tax Debt we establish your qualifications for an effective tax help system, will assist you to understand your choices after which work for you until your tax debts are completely concluded.

IRS Installment Agreement

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