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There is a way that you can resolve tax debt without having to go to Tax Court. An IRS Appeal is offered by an independent organization within the IRS to help over 100,000 taxpayers every year resolve tax debt with the Federal Government. National Tax Debt is a team of tax professionals that can help you navigate the complicated waters of an IRS Appeal. The Internal Revenue Service also offers payment programs to assist those with mounting tax debt find a resolution. Tax Appeals is an objective process that helps to resolve disagreements between the taxpayer and the IRS. There are mediation services through programs like Fast Track Settlement as well. These mediations allow the taxpayer to resolve any IRS disputes in an expedited manner.

National Tax Debt can help you properly file for an IRS Appeal with the Federal Government. We have a staff of tax professionals and Los Angeles tax lawyers that collectively help our clients find a painless and financially realistic way out of tax debt. Not only does an IRS Appeal help with tax debt issues, but it also can be used to address any discrepancies you have on your tax return or regarding your outstanding debt. If you feel as is you’d you like to file an IRS Appeal, contact the tax professionals at NTD today to find relief from tax debt.

Receive Help with IRS debt from National Tax Debt and Avoid Debilitating Tax Liens.

There are many ways to receive help with IRS debt, but most of these options are complicated and hard to understand. Qualifying for payment plan with the IRS, or filing for an IRS Appeal, requires you have the assistance of an experienced tax expert like National Tax Debt. Enrolling in the correct IRS payment program for your income level will help relieve the strain of accumulating back taxes. For countless Americans, government tax-debt is a major problem. On the state and national level, government tax-debt annually places a great deal of financial stress on the shoulders of businesses and hardworking people throughout the country.

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Aside from IRS Appeals, there are payment programs for taxpayers that offer relief. The Fresh Start Initiative is an amazing program for those seeking help with IRS debt. The Internal Revenue Service has extended these qualifications to streamline installation agreements for a larger group of taxpayers. The present situation permits individual citizens who owe as much as $50,000 to pay for monthly obligations, which are debited from your own banking account, for approximately 72 months. National Tax Debt includes a group of tax lawyers and financial experts which are poised and prepared to help you in processing the right paperwork to be eligible for the fresh start initiative.

IRS AppealHere at National Tax Debt, we can help you:

  • IRS Tax Debt Relief
  • IRS Appeals
  • Remove IRS tax liens
  • Enroll in the Fresh Start Initiative
  • Appeal for the removal of IRS wage garnishments and liens
  • Resolve personal and business tax problems
  • Reduce IRS tax debt
  • Negotiate a payment plan with the IRS that fits your finances
  • Remove IRS and/or State Wage Garnishments/Levies
  • Prepare for IRS audits

Seeking IRS specialists or the Los Angeles tax attorneys from NTD to get you started on an IRS payment program or Fresh Start Initiative is the best bet at eliminating tax liens. National Tax Debt has an experienced group of tax attorneys in Los Angeles which are here to assist you in understanding the complex US tax system.

Realizing tax debt relief can be an uphill battle without the assistance of qualified tax professionals such as NTD. National Tax Debt is a widely respected full service tax firm that is devoted to supplying our clients with expert help with IRS debt and fresh start program assistance. We find the best remedies to alleviate tax debt, and minimize the legal effects of delinquent tax liabilities. Our tax professionals have extensive expertise in supplying tax debt in the form of IRS payment plans to help companies and people that are having problems with the IRS. Help with IRS debt is available but you need a tax professional to properly negotiate with them on your behalf. Allow National Tax Debt to provide you relief now.

Where do you turn when you need to file an IRS Appeal?

Help with the IRSIt is important that you file the correct paperwork when trying to begin the Appeals process. Whether you believe the IRS has made an error or you simply don’t have enough money to pay your tax debt. An IRS Appeal is an excellent way to properly get your case heard. There is also the Fresh Start Initiative.

The IRS produced the Fresh Start Initiative to assist taxpayers which are experiencing tax-debt because of extenuating financial problems or unemployment. They chose to increase the Fresh Start Initiative to help more individuals which are looking for Tax Debt Relief. Underneath the new Fresh Start Initiative, citizens which have identified themselves as unemployed for longer than thirty days can prevent paying penalties for fines related to unpaid taxes.



National Tax Debt customers paid a mean of 3% of their IRS debt tax debt that was owed. This is a 97% decrease of their overall IRS tax debt. We can’t ensure these results with every customer. Nevertheless, we’ve got an established reputation for getting great IRS resolutions for our customers. Our tax attorneys and legal professionals are quite competitive in getting the best resolution for our customers. As a customer, you can listen in while our legal professionals are negotiating for your benefit with the IRS.

In 2014, our customers IRS debt totaled $10,510,714, over ten million dollars.


  • Proven Record: We’ve successfully concluded the IRS tax debts of thousands of hardworking citizens.
  • Secure Business: We will be here to serve you later on and have been in operation since 2005.
  • Accredited: We’ve got an AAA Rating with the Business Consumer Alliance and an A Evaluation with the BBB
  • Professionals: Our team comprises tax and legal professionals to manage any scenario efficiently.

The IRS offers highly effective and legal options to help consumers with national tax debts they’re incapable of paying. By selecting National Tax Debt we establish your qualifications for an effective tax help system, will assist you to understand your choices after which work for you until your tax debts are completely concluded.

Let National Tax Debt help you realize Tax Debt Relief!

Requesting an IRS Installment Agreement or IRS Help

Before pursuing a state or federal IRS payment plan, NTD will carefully review all your financial records and tax returns. We will verify your IRS debt and work with you to determine how much you can afford to pay while still allowing you to live comfortably. You will receive instruction regarding allowable deductions for living expenses and necessities, and how to retain your assets in the process. Our tax team will work hard to obtain a fair and affordable plan for you.

Our tax professionals at NTD are skilled IRS negotiators. They are experienced and knowledgeable of current tax laws and codes that determine IRS debt collection practices. Because NTD tax specialists understand how the IRS assesses and determines installment agreements, we can give you your best chance to qualify for the Fresh Start Initiative.

IRS Debt Relief is Possible

Upon receiving the IRS response, your NTD tax professional will sit down with you and discuss your options based on the IRS decision. You may qualify for:

  • A reasonable IRS installment agreement
  • A reduction of your outstanding tax debt
  • A penalty abatement
  • Forgiveness of the entire tax debt due to financial hardship

You need an experienced tax professional to ensure you receive the best financial resolution of your tax debt problems. The NTD tax team is dedicated to restoring your peace of mind and financial freedom.

Financial problems cause a great deal of stress. Owing the IRS is serious business. It affects your family, your job, your credit rating and your future. You need not face the IRS alone. NTD has the expertise to take control of your tax debt and expedite the resolution. The tax aid help we supply covers a broad variety of areas, ranging from Company Payroll Taxes, to Private Company Audits, IRS Tax Levies, and more. We’ve successfully helped clients gain successful and long-lasting alternatives to their tax problems in order to realize tax debt relief.

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IRS Installment Agreement

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